A motor boat roars, the pelicans soar,
Splink ssshhh, say the ripples, lapping at the shore;
They walk side by side, the young and the old,
This is the way that many stories are told.

Life - changing directions, times when the tides turn,
Fun moments, fine times, great memories that churn;
Civil to electrical -
Nuclear to mechanical -
UK to Perth -
Augusta holidays' birth -
God's hand in all of these, she learns.

Listen to the ocean through a tiny shell,
What does it have to say? What does it tell?
God's gift to us - natures majesty,
Pretty pieces of driftwood and the stately karri tree.

From the wildflowers which bloom to a star that glows,
Keen eye for photography - appreciates all that grows;
Taught us to recycle and love old things not new,
On walks collected rubbish that careless people threw.

To Tallaringa high school friends were happily invited,
August tour guide - Grandpa was always delighted!
Up the lighthouse .. 20 times, a swim at Flinders bay,
Trips to Karri cathedral, yes, what shall we do today?

Was taught the periodic table one night in clever verse,
H HELiBeBCNOFNeNa - was the bit that came first;
Built well constructed houses out of packs of playing cards,
Double insulated, extra strong, complete with their own yards.

Explored all the caves - the bellows of this earth,
Talked of many things - the consitution of the universe;
Musical phrases to Grandpa were like lines of poetry,
Unique expressions, and as complex as Euclidean geometry.

We will never forget his uggies, his wisdom nor his humour,
His love of us Grandkids - yes you've heard - it's more than a rumour;
We are blessed to have had Grandpa all these years to cherish
Now our memories, his love, these things they will not persih.

And as nightfall nears the tides have turned once more,
Taken our loved one from the Blackwood shore;
Though daylight comes - comes in the light,
He will shine in our hearts forever bright.